Club mx (sorta)

Motocross, Supercross — callmepapi

Released: Feb 17, 2019

I've been sitting on this compound for a while and not really being able to work on it much so i decided i would just finish it up and release it. This is my first track/compound so it obviously could've been made a little bit better. I spent some time down at club last summer and so i figured id make the track in mxs. The main track is a replica from when i was down there before Loretta's last summer but the other tracks are not replicas at all. Theres the main track which is a mix of sand and dirt and then there is a sand mx track, a sand sx track, a dirt mx track, a dirt sx track, and a turn track. The main track is the only track with timing gates on it. I know the sx tracks are scaled down a bit so and as i said these are my first tracks so don't flame me too much please :)


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