2018 MiniOs Motocross

Motocross — AtlasZoor

Released: Jan 15, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2018 MiniOs Motocross!

Since the MiniOs has happened a while ago, I always wanted to do this track. So, I decided to go ahead and jump right into it! the track IMO is a accurate representation of how it rides and also feels, so hopefully you guys like it! Also erode works really good as well, so have fun ripping up the track!

I want to give a massive shout out to Kyle watts for his help on this great looking overlay.
He has helped me learn a lot on my past two overlays and I cannot thank him enough.
Also thanks for everyone who made the decals other objects.
Especially, ColtonD for his awsome banners and billboards,
Niklas for his object pack,
and also Jakob Hubbard who did some testing for me.
Thank you all!


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