Race Factory Compound

Motocross — checkerz

Released: Apr 21, 2012

To celebrate 500 Likes on the rF Gaming Facebook Page we are passing out a public beta of the rF Compound!

Before downloading, please read and respect these requests.

This is not a finished track, it is a beta -

The following have been or are in the progress of being re-done before the final release:
1025 terrain is now 2049 for more detail
ALl new ruts and rough
altered traction
Timing gates and versions of all tracks

Please do not release this track or any part of it as your own. I will leave the final version open where you can modify to your liking.
Please do not hold any official events on this track until the final version is released.

Enjoy the track, post screenshots and videos to your pleasing. A lot of time has already went into this just to get it to a ride-able state.


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