JGMX: Mountian Side Hybrid

Motocross, Supercross — jgmtbike

Released: Mar 11, 2016

Well here we go again haha. :roll: sorry about that first upload guys everything got a little messed up with the decals because I didn't look carefully before I started lol. Anyways I hammered out the decals this morning and now I'm releasing it... I also changed the look of track because I realized some of the dozer marks seemed strange. I also changed the roller in front of the second table to a bit more of a floater. :D :D well anyways hope you guys have as much fun on it as I do!! Lap times are around 1:15-1:20, but there are so many lines in the rhythms it is hard to hit the big 450 line every time so lots of room to go faster!! Feedback and reviews/edits welcomed as always. I don't think there is a better feeling for a track maker to see than a video review or edit on their track.


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