Botteram's Descend Bikepark

Enduro — Tristan.Botteram

Released: Mar 30, 2019

This Bikepark would virtually have been taken place somewhere in Europe.

About the track:

This Bikepark has been inspired from real life experiences and for the people that don't know who i am, i've been racing Downhill on World Cup level but back to the track. This idea has been in my head for a pretty long time but i never had the time or the will to throw this project together, but when StorkenMXS offered me a solid hill base i knew i needed to finish it so big UP to him! There are six trails located on the bikepark, with two starts on the right, and left side of the hill, you are able to go up the hill with by shuttle or by cycling. The second download link is to Gusma's DH Bike with custom colors, shoutout to him aswell for the model(Track is made for 50cc). Enjoy playin! and untill the next release, peace out!


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