UL76-CloutMountain Nationals. RDR2 Inspired

Motocross — UncleLiberty76

Released: Apr 2, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Inspired by RDR2 I have made a Mountain style Nationals track. I was rolling through the Tall Trees and thought this would be a good scene for a track. There are split rhythm sections, booters, a few ruts, and a river that runs between it all. All of the flaggers should alert you in that section for fallen riders to help ease your blind spots. I used the traction from Cornet Bay and the erode from the Mini Os. Most of the decals I made myself except for the grass at cornet bay which I modified to fit the color profile of the environment. On this track you will definitely have to stretch out and work your suspension to clear some of the jumps but it is possible on the 250sxfv2016 dyno with -1+2 gearing. I wanted to make sure it was fun for both 250s and 450s alike. I created both a lower resolution version for those worried about FPS and a higher resolution version for those who want a little more immersive experience. Feedback as always is welcome as it helps me build better tracks for the future. I hope yall enjoy. Track links and Server link are at the bottom of the post!


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