Desert Cove Raceway

Motocross — DABZZZ

Released: Sep 18, 2018

Welcome to Desert Cove Raceway, A hidden track in the valley of some clearly hot ass desert. Shred some laps, then cool off in the water. There's one main track in this one. A lot of the original terrain was done by Danky so most credit goes to him. I basically jus tweaked some things and did my best to change some of the ruts and jumps that seemed out of place to me and those who helped Beta. (Thanks BattleGrounds discord.)

Wish I could tell you who made all of the objects/decals for this track, But I honestly have no idea. I took all of this stuff from other tracks and those people didn't credit them on their post either. So here's a large scaled thank you to all of the creators in this community - You guys make this game keep progressing and make all the difference!


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