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Motocross — sethypeety

Released: Jul 6, 2018

I would like to thank:
slowngreen for decals and tilemap/traction from clutch killers valley.
DJ99X for light pole statues and light billboards from 2011 Lakewood/Thunder Valley 2011 dusk.
WolFmx for track markers and palm tree statues from Fly.Over.Volcano.
J.Perry-669 for decals from multiple tracks that I can't remember. and equipment statues from Perry's Dreamland
MXfish for decals and starting gates from Niklas Sandbox Supercross.
Who Made the RedBull arch and the power line towers? I do not remember where I got them, but who ever it was that made them thank you.
checkerz for the semi trucks(I think)
jgmtbike for all of the traction and roost.(don't remember what tracks)
conceptgraffmxs for decals and skybox from ESX SUPERCROSS
FactoryBR21 for the old ass billboard pack: viewtopic.php?t=1285
and Motoboss for Bathrooms from Finger Lakes Mx
If I forgot anyone please let me know and know that I am very sorry, I have been working on this for an extremely long time so I don't remember where I got everything.


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