The VersusPC Compound

Motocross, Supercross — checkerz

Released: Apr 27, 2019

My 200th and Final Release is a longtime supporter of MX Simulator, rF Gaming, and creators in the community a-like. In addition to being experts at designing and building custom PCs, Versus also understands the unique demands that MX Simulator poses on your hardware and can help deliver a build to maximize your experience.

When the opportunity came up a few years ago to build this compound, I couldn't say no. The outdoor was requested to be a test track for the nationals containing similar sections to what is found on the real tracks. I took my favorite sections from many of the AMA Nationals and tweaked them to fit into a layout all together, tossed in some custom elements, and this sand/dirt mixed track arose from the dead. The SX and AX tracks are fully custom, though, someone should probably get the dozer out and prep the AX track.


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